you need
  • White Foil
  • Apples
  • Fountain pen
To make an unusual costume for a masquerade, you can hit all the friends of the vampire dress.The traditional long cloak fashion mid-nineteenth century, an elegant suit or dress for women.But the most difficult moment - a teeth-fangs.The easiest way - is to buy at the store ready-made jaws, but if one was not for sale, vampire teeth can be made from apple.To do this, you need an iron fountain pen which wrote our grandmothers at school.
.If such a rarity in the family has not been preserved, it can still be purchased at a stationery store.Cut the flesh of the apple two cones with the pen and put them on the teeth.Such teeth vampire delicious and safe, they can be used even for children.Just we recommend to make a stock w
ith a canine, and the probability of accidentally eat them, great.If apples for some reason do not fit, vampire teeth can be made of white foil.
To do this, place a strip of foil and wrap the upper jaw.Smooth out the foil in the teeth, to get relief.The resulting "false teeth", remove the mouth and in the area of ​​the canines make two small holes.The resulting holes insert from the same twisted white foil twisted spiral cones.Thus, a set of false teeth with long canine teeth clearly follows the shape of your teeth.To complete the image of a light powder whitened face, and the image of the vampire is completed.