banquet tablecloths cover the buffet tables so that the ends hanging down around the table the same, about 5-10 cm from the floor.Tuck the corners of the tablecloth with sides with the inside and seal the ends of the sides to form a right angle.
Menu buffet consists of a diverse range of snacks.You can turn on the second hot dishes, such as turkey or pig, fried whole.The meat cut into small slices, without disturbing the shape of the carcass.Eat this dish, using a plate diner and snack devices.All meals do small portions, it is convenient to have been standing with one fork.
in the center of the table for the b
uffet table arrange snacks at the edges - a stack of plates, cutlery and wine glasses for alcoholic and soft drinks.
Arrange crockery so that it is available to all guests, who have put themselves in a bowl and snacks for those who are just going to do it.
plates and wine glasses should be sufficient quantity so as not to go for more dishes, and easy to communicate with friends.
The main part is composed of small snacks sandwiches - canapes, meat balls or small cakes, salads, small pancakes with different fillings, tomatoes, cucumbers, small pies, marinated mushrooms.
Always at your desk should be meat kebabs, seafood and fish on little skewers, mushrooms, baked in sour cream in zhyulennitsah.
Alcohol choose for the table to your liking - it may be brandy, vodka, whiskey and wine.
From soft drinks put: mineral water, liter carton of juice, cola.
Organize supply of fruit and dessert.Ready cake honey cake cut into small cubes and each cube to slide a toothpick.
Prepare the required number of paper napkins and musoropriemniki where guests can throw a napkin or a piece of half-eaten.