Tip 1: Where to go in Moscow on Saturday

Saturday - is a great opportunity with your family spend your free time.It should advance to discuss options and best events, which remain after the visit a pleasant experience.
If you just want to walk around the beautiful places, visit the Gorky Park, Kolomenskoye, Kuzminki, Botanical Garden, Izmailovo Park, Poklonnaya Gora, Golovinskiy Park, Serebryany Bor, Sokolniki, Borisov and Patriarch's Ponds, Tsaritsyno, etc.There you can safely talk about any matters to unwind after a hard everyday life, to relax mentally and physically, calm the nervous system, to distract from domestic hlopot.S children Saturday can go to the children's performances, circus, zoo, aquarium, theater animals.School-aged and older will love exploring new waters, "Lights of Moscow", Fine Arts, animation, vintage car, house and other tales.Also visit the children's cafe, which will surprise unusual interior and varied menu.At this time, you can refresh yourself after a fun and talk about something pleasant and poleznom.Lyubit
elyam walking is highly recommended to walk on Varvarka, from St. Basil's Cathedral and ending the Byzantine monument of spies.See the old part of the city can be a little further, go down the street Zabelin.There are a large number of lanes: Khokhlovskiy, Podkopaevsky, Kolpachny and others.Very often, tourists can not take your eyes off of camera lenses, trying to photograph every centimeter of the historic part of stolitsy.Konechno, fans should be advised to shop a variety of shops, shopping centers, where you can not just buy any interesting things, but also to spend time in cafesa cup of coffee or green chaya.Takim, the entertainment program on Saturday depends on the assembled company, taking into account each person's tastes.This will diversify the gray everyday life and fill it with bright colors and a fun event.

Tip 2: Where can I go on Saturday

Saturday, perhaps, is a special day of the week, held back because the working week, and ahead - another day off.That it was fun, it is best not to sit at home and get somewhere for a walk, calling a family or with good friends.
Where can I go on Saturday
If this day is good weather, it is best in the morning to get out into the fresh air.You can stroll through the streets family or go to the local park, enjoying the beautiful nature, the sun and heat.And even better - go cycling or rollerblading.Well, then you can enjoy a delicious coffee and eat something tasty in a cozy coffee shop.
The rainy day is better to spend time in the cinema watching an interesting movie or two.In the evening you can go to a play or touring the local theater.However, the ticket in the last cultural institution is better to think in advance, otherwise you just do not get there.
big company or family to play well in the bowling - this game is not only great flexing muscles, but also promotes good mood.And in order to increase interest in the game can be assigned to the winner of any prize original.
Saturday afternoon and you can go to a museum or an exhibition you are interested subjects.If you live in a major city, these problems will not be exact.And after that you can go to any master class, for example, cooking, or playing a musical instrument - it all depends on your interests.Recorded on a master class, tend to be well in advance.
the evening you can go to a friend's pre-warned them about it.In a large company of good people for a vacation is always fun and enjoyable.If possible, you can fry a shish kebab, dance or play a fun and funny game.
Saturday night is usually opened many clubs and discos offering great entertainment.There you can go as one, and with friends.Have fun with your family or friends can be in a karaoke bar, especially if you like to sing songs.
  • you can go with your friends