all female representatives adore surprises.Therefore present to your beloved huge flower and bud place the ring.At the same time ask her to smell a flower.Of course, she immediately see it and be a pleasant impression from the unexpected gift.
If you know how to cook a little bit, then bake the cake girl.However, it is not necessary to put the ring directly into the dough, your girl can suddenly gag gift.Better put a ring in a box or a small box, and then hide it in the cake.Your sweet lady is a double pleasure: and tasty cake, lovingly prepared favorite and beautiful ring, a gift from them.
suddenly get a surprise if you leave the ring on a shelf
in the closet, where she looks every day, or on the bedside table.What matters is that at the moment when she discovered a gift, you were close to were able to add to the present kind words and gentle kisses.
outstanding features to award ringlet atmosphere of the restaurant.By itself, the cozy atmosphere, delicious dinner and expensive wine delivered to your beloved sweet pleasure.And if you present your favorite cherished velvet box, it just melted in front of you.
the restaurant you can surprise your darling, ask the waiter to bring some nice dessert, and it put a ring.It is best to discuss this point in advance, so as not to be distracted during yesterday.
Everyone knows that young people are sometimes put in a glass ring, which presented favorite.Such an option of awarding a gift it is better not to practice a romantic evening may end up in the emergency room of the nearest hospital.
Remember that no matter where you gave your girl ring, under any circumstances, this does not happen, most importantly, with the said words and feelings that you are experiencing.