decoration scheme room for the exhaust in the garden usually depends on the script.While good design space can to push the organizers of the future first-graders discharge for the implementation of some of the original ideas or corrections in the script.
looks very interesting hall decorated in the style of locomotive, which sang Crocodile Gena in the song "Blue Wagon" from the famous children's cartoon.And the phrase about "swam away Minutes" could not be better suited to the spirit of the former (five minutes) kindergartners.By the colorful carriages made of paper and pasted on a wall or painted on a giant poster of the sheet of paper, you can paste photographs of gr
aduates, as if looking out the windows.To add a picture, "school" of the train can be handwritten poems about kindergarten and school, or just a few sentences that characterize each child.And the heads of the train have to do educators, gluing their photos to the head car engine.And if we arrange the chairs with tables stenochki as if the children go to this train, it will be altogether unforgettable.
And we can remember the well-known and loved by many parents of the expression "Children - flowers of life" on the walls of the group beat a real garden.Let the walls will show off the colors, images any way you want.And in the middle of a bud of each you can paste pictures of children.Do not forget the teachers, who plays gardener with a watering can.It will place the pots of sturdy cardboard, beautifully colored and dotted with paper flowers, made in the style of origami.
The kids are very fond of adventure.With this in mind, you can make room for the exhaust in the best traditions of the pirate, "spilling" on the walls of gold piastres, whimsical trees, in the shadow of which are hiding pirates.And as a treasure will perform "diplomas to graduates," which can be placed in the trunk, decorated in a pocket on the wall (where each participant "pirate prom") or self-cardboard chest.And let the children how to sail their ships to the island in search of treasure.Just picture the ship and it decomposes at photos of graduates looking at the island through telescopes.Ship's boys will let educators.And let him stand at the helm of the head of the captain's cap.
And do not forget the balloons.They will come to the location of each outlet, no matter what style you decorate the hall.And of course, draw and put in a room a few posters with slogans such as "Goodbye, Children's Garden", "The graduates of kindergarten" or "Congratulations to the future first."