you need
  • - lighting fixtures;
  • - equipment;
  • - prizes for competitions;
  • - treats and drinks;
  • - invitations.
Calculate Budget discos.How can you spend - modestly or shamelessly to make a splash.To add a further estimated amount of 20% at random, you never know what you may need in the last days of preparation.
Now decide the issue with the room.According to the law, to make noise, depriving the neighbors sleep after 23:00 hours is impossible, so you have several options: - rent a club;
- to stay in a country house on the outskirts;
- use room with zvukoizolyatsiey.Posledny option requires scrutiny neighbors one week prior to the event.That is to warn owners of apartments that you need to play music very loud.If the frequencies will be heard, even if the neighbors will tell you about it.Or do go to visit and listen to justify whether their properties soundproof materials used in the repair.
Theme parties.The styles work DJs, dancers, room decoration, dress code and treats guests.The options can be "retro-party», «R'n'B - party", "Hawaiian Disco" or a holiday dedicated to your birthday - «Birthday-party."
The most important thing at the disco - this is the number and quality of sound and light.If declared glamorous disco, house music system it will not be.You can take the equipment rental (columns, control, power, DJ pockets and microphones, spotlights, lasers and strobe lights).The course will neon lights, unusual lamps and lamp, for example, vessels flying sequins or ball lightning.
Decoration party.Festive atmosphere will create well-dressed guests, and you should take care of the environment.If you spend a disco house, try to maximize space.Take out the extra stuff out of the room, remove the statues, vases, coffee tables.The mystery will create flash light music in the absence of daylight.
treats.Think about the menu, what would you like to treat your friends.Of course, cocktails and tartlets in the first place.Prepare phase with fruit, ice bucket, a box of ice cream, pizza and small snacks.Disco involves a large number of guests, so invite a bartender.Show cooking with insanely beautiful and delicious drinks will cause a lot of positive emotions.
Entertainment.Pati - a dancing till the morning, which means you need help DJ and MC.Speak to the children what kinds of music they play, and what will be pleased that they can offer.MC will entertain the guests with unusual competitions and disco to conduct the program.Do not forget to buy a small gift.Perhaps DJing could someone of your friends, but not necessarily for hedging hire an experienced DJ.
dress code.Repellent should be the chosen theme parties.Disco - it's your idea, and you are entitled to the unusual request.All alone in the white, toon in suits, pajamas at night, in the chic suits or swimming - the choice is yours.
guest list.If everything is ready and the previous paragraphs are met, it is possible to send invitations.Book in printing beautiful cards containing information about where and when is a disco, while it is carrying, and the preferred style of dress.Make invitations for every registered person.This will give an opportunity not to miss the coveted friends and miss the bus "stray swallows", as if by chance came to visit you.