you need
  • Balloons;
  • Christmas garlands;
  • posters;
  • flowers;
  • colored paper.
For a start look around and find out what color predominates in the interior of the hall.Take it as a basis, and boldly proceed to the design of the room.Start decorating the room with the most popular - balloons.They raise your spirits and create a festive atmosphere.At registration, use the balls are not more than two or three colors.Hang them on the wall and windows in one or more pieces.
doorways and columns decorate volume ar
ches and flowers made of balloons.Especially solemnly need to decorate the main entrance to the premises.All the arches have a wonderful harmony with the general tone of the holiday, do not take much space and does not obstruct the space of the hall.
use not only conventional bulbs, but also filled with helium.Tie them to the backs of chairs or other objects.Turn on your imagination, imagination and do not be afraid to experiment.Each ball write a variety of fun wishes.
To decorate the Christmas tree garland hall apply.They will look very nice on the walls around the perimeter of doors and windows.These multi-colored light bulbs create a magical atmosphere at your prom.
Hang on walls, special posters with congratulations, which are sold in stores.Make your own posters.To do this, glue several sheets of drawing paper and attach it to the markers on the ropes.Here, teachers, parents and alumni will be able to write each other a variety of suggestions.Place the poster pictures of their classmates.
No holiday is complete without flowers.Put them in a large floor vases and place in the corners of the room, so they do not interfere during the whole evening.
Take colored paper and cut out her flowers or bells.Write a short poem at each school.Then stick them on the walls of the room or simply lay on the floor.