Prepare in advance and send invitations to all the guests.They must specify the exact address of your new home, then invited will be easier to find you, and you do not have time to explain the route on the phone.
If you want to hold your own party, you do not need to wait until the house will be put into a perfect view.Check-in is not renovated new apartment is not a reason to po
stpone the housewarming.Lack of comfort and coziness can be compensated skillfully create a fun atmosphere.
good table at a housewarming party - is the first step to ensure that live in a new home happily.You can do without the white tablecloths, crystal, porcelain and intricate dishes.The only essential attribute of the table should be a great novoselny loaf - a symbol of prosperity and affluence in the house.Prepare for guests snacks, fruit, sweets and drinks.
walls and doors in the apartment decorate comic inscriptions.Strong to decorate and decorate the house is not necessary.Several cheerful flower arrangements and balloons would be sufficient.
Consider the scenario.There certainly should be a time to feast, cheerful greetings, dances and gifts.Prostroyte overall storyline.For example, you can throughout the evening to resume the construction of his house.Start by laying the foundation, this foundation is a rich table.Then, brick by brick to erect walls.Data bricks on your celebration will be a gift to friends.Roof is in your fun will be games and contests.They can be confined to the main theme of the celebration.
It is very important to your housewarming party was cheerful, bright and carefree.Be sure to choose a musical accompaniment for the holiday.Merry housewarming party - is not just a meal, but also competitions involving all the guests.Options can be very different: dancing with closed eyes, reading tongue twisters, mime and others.