diastolic (bottom) pressure arises in the course of the resistance of the vascular walls in the moment of maximum relaxation of the heart muscle.This minimum blood pressure in the arteries.

Increased diastolic blood pressure can have various causes.It could rise after suffering a stress or burnout, be due to fatigue of the whole body or cardioneurosis.

but does not exclude the fact that the increase in diastolic pressure indicates any serious malfunctions in the body, caused by various diseases.

If your body there is fluid retention, the vascular wall swells, it greatly narrows the lumen and, consequently, the lower the pressure increases.In this case, you must seek to withdraw excess fluid from the body, taking diuretics prescribed by a doctor, nedosalivat food, etc.

kidney problems, which result in f
luid retention may also cause increased diastolic pressure.It is therefore necessary to treat chronic diseases, affecting blood pressure.

abnormal operation of the central nervous system can lead to an increase in diastolic blood pressure.Because of multiple stresses can in excess produced adrenaline, so doctors sometimes attributed to drugs belonging to the group adrenergic blockers: such as "Metroprolol", "verapamil" "Atenolol" and others. They lower diastolic blood pressure, relieve those often associated with symptoms such astachycardia and fibrillation.

heart diseases such as ischaemia, angina, infarction, various inflammatory processes in the heart muscle may also lead to an increase in diastolic pressure.In such cases, a comprehensive therapy under medical supervision.

If you have been overweight, you do not watch your diet, smoke or consume a lot of alcohol, your heart probably just can not cope with such a load and, as a consequence, have been increasing the lower pressure.

If the problem is bothering you for a long time and constantly, moreover, accompanied by pain in the heart, reconsider your lifestyle, go through the necessary health research, improve your health by refraining from smoking, alcohol and other bad habits.