Diversify joint leisure or desktop intellectual games.Let for a certain day of the week will be assigned its own game: for example, on Monday you play dominoes on Tuesday to collect puzzles, and on Wednesday to solve crossword puzzles.Try to choose a puzzle of more particles - and then the fun of the collected images will get more.And one word can be a lot of other words.Winner - yum or strong kiss.You can add spice to the game - let the loser disclaims any garment.
If your husband spends the evening playing computer games, ask them to play together.There are flash games (eg volleyball or quests), you can manage multiple players.
Even shooter or just a logical computer games allow you to discuss together the strategy of the game, and solutions.So you time spend together, and laugh, and close.
If you are a supporter of leisure and nature walks, go to the park.Entertainment there - weight.Take a ride on the carousel, eat servings of your favorite childhood ice cream and go to the shooting range.Competition, who will bring down all the targets will love your husband.Try to organize a joint the night outdoors or just go with him on a fishing trip.If you do not want to sit with a fishing rod, you can cook on a fire mulled wine - your spouse will appreciate this concern.
Try once a week to discover new corners of your city, to know the history of these places, please yourself tea in a summer cafe and discuss seen and heard.Walk on the old bridge, visit near the new sites or photograph in the park.This will leave a lot of memories and impressions, and the company can share interesting facts with your friends.
For lovers of rest for the benefit not only for the soul but also the body, fit a joint campaign in the bath.Designate a specific day at least once a month, you will be walking alone in the bath.You can take with honey and aromatic oils, to make each other a massage, back rub, hover brooms.And in the end - fragrant lime, mint or herbal tea that you relax.
Even if you do not want to go somewhere or to go, easy to arrange a romantic evening at home easy.A pair of candles, fruit, wine, and your love and affection.Then your favorite will never stay at work.