you need
  • - old clothes,
  • - toilet paper,
  • - bandage,
  • - Scotch,
  • - red paint,
  • - glowing balloons,
  • - luminescent paint,
  • - ultraviolet,
  • - black paper,
  • - scissors,
  • - candles,
  • - pumpkin,
  • - knife.
First you need to decide on the theme for Halloween.Remember that most characters in horror movies you like.Maybe you want to make a vampire party or turn yourself and your friends into zombies.You can certainly do without a particular topic, then you will be able to come home everyone - witches, devils, the dead and even trolls.If you are planning a party with children, you can choose a Halloween in the Russian style.To do this you need to create a home atmosp
here of Slavic myths.Brownie, fagot, mermaid, Baba Yaga and Koschey - everyone's favorite evil.Kids will be delighted.
Decorate your home according to the theme party.To do this, take the black paper and cut out of it awesome silhouettes, for example, skull, bones, bats.All that attach to walls and furniture using staples and adhesive tape.Use black and glowing balloons.If the hand is an ultraviolet lamp, and it can be used.Apply a special paint additional circuits and various spots on your cut silhouettes, while in the dark room will look very impressive.
Do not forget the candles they will not turn on the lights and celebrate Halloween in eerie twilight.And of course pumpkins!It is an essential attribute of Halloween.Pumpkins should be a lot, they cut the tops and remove the contents.Using a knife or blade to make pumpkin scary "face" and put a candle inside.In the dark, they ominously "smile."
advance think over suits.It is not necessary to buy something - you have the same house party.You can use a mask and awesome makeup, because the most important thing - it is the mood.In the course can go almost everything: the old robes, T-shirts, sheets and even ketchup.The most simple - a mummy costume.It requires only an adhesive tape, bandages and toilet paper.Wrap well - and here you are ready to party.Tear the old T-shirt or shirt, turn them into rags nalyapayte top bit of red paint - ready to suit zombies with blood stains.