Tip 1: How to find a site for a photo

Having photo can find site , which is its source.Convenient search service has been implemented in the image search giant Google.Search online page picture can be one of three ways.
Drag an image directly from any web page in the search images.google.com.In the same way, you can drag a search string in any picture or photo , open in the graphical editor or viewer on your computer.
Enter the URL address of the image.If you want to find other s website, where there is a picture, you have found on the Internet, then copy the address.To do this, right-click on the image and select "Copy image URL."Then open the Google images, and click on the icon with the image of the camera in the right corner of the search string.In the window that appears the field for entering the address.Insert a reference from the clipboard using the Ctrl + V, or via the context menu (opened by right-clicking).
Download the file from your computer to the search field.To do this, click the same
icon on the camera and click the link "Upload file."Click "Choose File" and select the folder in your documents.Crawler will offer you picture the same as your or, if not available in the network, similar images.On the search results page, you will see not only found the image of different sizes and similar images, but also a list of s website related to your chosen photos.

Tip 2: How to find the brother

If your brother has gone missing, or life long have spread in different directions, you can find a relative.It is not enough to sit back waiting for a miracle, we must act.The situations are different, but the ways to find, as a rule, are the same everywhere.
How to find brother
Choose the latest a clear picture of your brother .Write on it all its coordinates, date of birth, name, patronymic, special signs.
Make a list of famous facts about his movements, the circle of communication employed in the last days before the disappearance.If a brother disappeared a long time ago, I remember anything that might help his search.
Start phoning hospitals, morgues, trauma centers in your city and region.Call friends, family.
Write a statement to the police, provide full personal brother , passport number, address of residence, distinguishing marks, your friends phone.Remember the missing clothes, which he left.The application must be submitted at the place of the disappearance of his brother , but it is possible and in the community, where police officers in the mail will forward it to the appropriate department.
your application orientation on your brother will be sent to all districts will begin checking the hospitals in your city and neighboring cities, signs of the missing will be announced to all stations will be given information to the media.
If a brother was gone a long time, long time or you did not communicate with him, but decided to find, apply to the bodies of internal affairs at the place of residence of the loss of your relationships.Foreign nationals wanted by the Red Cross Society.
Contact Central Television, for example, in the program "Wait for me."All of the major search sites have their own projects with very large databases of names and photos of those who are looking and searching for someone.
Tackle search brother through social networks.If you have been communicating with him and do not engage in the search for his earlier, try to have a page in all popular social networks, including international and look through them a relative by the name, age, education, and other parameters known to you.
Correct operation of the image search can be made in all browsers.This option is available to those using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (with 8 or later, Firefox 3.0 or later version or Safari 5.0 or higher.
Helpful Hint
The principle of the search for the picture based on the technology of computerview. The system selects the most appropriate text description for the selected image, and then looks for images with the same key phrases.
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