Decorate postcard beads

Make a miniature figurines of bright red or ruby ​​beads - it can be hearts, flowers, petals, stars, etc.By themselves, they will look original and interesting, but if you stick them on ordinary cardboard valentine, you will receive a postcard unique handmade.You can use it as a bookmark - attach a decorative element on the rope and shiny perekin'te the crook cards, securing one end on top.
to stick to the canvas hearts

You can take a ready-made stickers in form of hearts or cut out of red paper items, stick them on the glue.Look beautiful three-dimensional figures, so choose dense materials.
Decorate postcard ribbon

«Seal," his message by dragging valentine from the outside thin satin ribbon pink or red.Tie a
nice bow, curly cut corners and secure the ribbon with glue.
Obtyanite paper lace

Extremely effectively looks fine lace fabric scarlet color on a white canvas paper - this valentine just "breathe" passion and call to action.Lace should be well fixed, so make sure that the fabric is not pulled and wrinkled.Glue the mesh material to paper can drop the application of glue or a special spray in aerosol cans.
Tie corners valentines

If you are nice to crochet, use their talents for decorative purposes - tie the corners of the cards contrasting thin threads, make cloth or glue tab associated heart in one of the outer corners of the cards.
Zadekoriruyte Valentine cloth

graceful drape, located on the corners of the card, in combination with the vivid detail, will give your gift an elegant and aristocratic appearance - textile valentines look very elegant.
Decorate the outside of the card a huge heart

Glue or draw a heart so that the fold has coincided with valentines central part of the figure - then on each of the cards will be half red hearts.The central figure can be signed, decorate intricate pattern or monogram.