How to make your own figures

The first step is to manufacture the frame.As a material suitable thick wire or plastic tubes.It is important to be able to make the basis for the correct number.Preference is better to give it the pipes, asmade of them holds its shape better inscription.

determine whether a figure standing on the floor, table, or you hang it on the wall.If the product is required to put on the floor, Make a stand, to which you can attach the frame.Bend the pipe or wire in the shape of the desired numbers and firmly attach to the stand by means of adhesive tape or some other method.

Prepare balloons.They need quite a large number.The number can be performed in one color, and can be colored, or combine t
wo colors.Pre-balls gently stretch your hands, so they do not burst during inflation.Inflate the balloons are not too large and well tie their thread.It is important that the balls were about the same size, otherwise the figure will uneven and not very accurate.

joined together by two balls, is firmly connected with each other.Then combine the two pairs, forming a quartet.We get the blank, which then attach to the frame.

Starting from the bottom of the frame, start to fix it prepared four balls.Very gently swing the blank figures balls, fixing them on the basis of the plastic pipe.Sharp edges frame wrap tape, so they can not damage the balloons.At the very ends of their digits fasten bundles of five balls to give a finished design, streamlined appearance.Do not worry if some of the balls are not to go smoothly.They can be attached with a small piece of double-sided tape.

sure to decorate the stand.This can be done not only bonded fours, but the individual balls.It is best to allocate it in a different color.For example, green, depicting a clearing, or blue - the sea.

numbers of balls

If the numbers of the balls are very necessary, but they do not have time, you can buy ready-made foil balloons in the form of the desired numbers.Inflate with air or pump using helium.Tightly tie a rope and attach room.However, in this case, you will be limited in the choice of color and size, asmost often these balls come in two versions - 20 cm and 86 cm in height.