First, open your desktop browser.Find the top of the main page of the section "Bookmarks".Go to the submenu "Show All Bookmarks" and click on it with the mouse button.In this case, you can use a combination of keys «Ctrl + Shift + B».Appears on the monitor screen "Library", which contains tools that show the structure of bookmarks and allows you to manage them.
In the "Import and Backup" item, click on "Restore".It will be offered several options: restoring bookmarks from a backup or restore of your file.Specify the name of the file.If not reflected in the list of bookmarks, click on the line "Choose File", specifying a path to it.After close the page "Library".Reservations bookmarks default program is made every day automatically.
confirm the replacement of the existing bookmarks.At this time, the monitor will be notified that the existing bookmarks will be replaced bookmarks from a backup.After the procedure, you will find all the necessary bookmarks from a backup.Their structure can be viewed by selecting the appropriate option, or specify the path to the file.
Use the restore option of visual bookmarks by importing them from a HTML-file.To do so, see "Import and Backup" and locate the line "Import from HTML».You must make an advance placement bookmarks as HTML.Save the file to, if necessary, through him recover lost bookmarks.Note that the method is not suitable in the case of unexpected failure.
Enter the "Settings" menu.In "Miscellaneous" tick the box "Show visual bookmarks when you open a new tab or window."Click "OK".In the new window, go to the line "Extensions" and find the line plugins Yandeks.Bara.When the page opens, visual bookmarks are displayed.