We should not forget that Egypt is a Muslim country, with all the traditions and customs of the clothing.Do not forget to respect the customs of the country where you come to visit.

For people planning a trip to Egypt, it would be correct to take two options of clothing: clothes in which you can walk to the hotel, and clothing in case of leaving the Hotel territory out, for example, on a tour.The hotel is a free zone, and on hot days, you can walk around in a bathing suit or a pair.Outside the hotel we advise you to dress much more modestly, to avoid unpleasant adventure.Mini-skirts and bare shoulders - not the best option for a walk outside the hotel.It is well known for the interest of the Egyptians to the beaut

iful female tourists female.Wearing clothes calling, you just inflame it, and it will become even more aggressive.Of course, in a conflict situation to come to the aid of the tourist police, but it is better to think in advance about the appearance, if you are going to leave the hotel in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

And, in general, you can dress up in Egypt in the summer, all year round.If you went to rest in the winter resorts of Egypt, situated north of Cairo, it is advisable to bring along a warm sweater or jacket.As the winter months for some coastal areas characterized by strong winds, and the night air is cool.If your plans include visiting the pyramids, desert, or other attractions, take a hard-soled shoes.The hotel, located there in the bars and clubs allowed any form of clothes, and if you take on your favorite mini vacation, you can easily carry it in the hotel attached to it and entertainment establishments.

temple women is desirable to pick up clothes, do not bare shoulders.You also can not go to churches in miniskirts and short shorts.And collecting bag, pay attention to the clothes were made of natural materials.So it will be convenient to travel on trips and easier to carry local heat during excursions.