you need
  • card, colored cardboard, glue, glitter, lace
Buy ready-made postcard.If you do not have the time and original ideas, how to make your romantic greeting, just visit the nearest store that sells postcards.Typically, in early February, it is difficult to find a stand where there would be presented congratulations Valentine.However, to give just bought a postcard is not very romantic.Sign it, thereby making it clear to the recipient that he really loved.
Make Valentine own.If you want to express your feelings in an original way, the gift-card to make your own.Try to imagine in your mind, no matter what form you do want to receive congratulations.Decide on the shape and color.
Get all the necessary materials.The most convenient way to ma
ke a greeting card on cardboard.Buy stationery store in colored cardboard or paperboard obkleyte normal netolstym beautiful multi-colored paper.Also, do not be superfluous bright markers, sequins, lace.
Cut out cardboard heart of a size that you need.Keep in mind that it should fit all congratulatory text and decorations.If you want to decorate Valentine lace, then cut two identical hearts and attach it to one of them on the edge of the lace, and then glue the two pieces together.It turns out that lace arranged along the contour of the heart.
Consider greeting text.It may be poetry, and beautiful aphorism, and the simple words from the heart.Do not be afraid to experiment: the original messages, the better.Carefully put the inscription on Valentine .Make sure that the letters are not worn and do not smudge.
Decorate holiday cards sequins, small hearts or kisses.Previously, when the beloved sent letters to them squirting perfume.The same can be done with a valentine.The main thing is that it reflects your true feelings.