personal congratulations
In life, there are many reasons to address warm words.The most significant among them are the annual holidays and important events in the lives of loved ones.So be congratulated by other developments:

Happy New year - New Year

Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday

Congratulations on your wedding day - I congratulate (him) wedding day

My congratulations on your wedding anniversary - congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding
Some suggestions are appropriate in almost all occasions:

New hopes and new beginnings - new hopes and new beginnings

Happiness, prosperity and su
ccess -happiness, prosperity and success

Happier days ahead - Happy days ahead

May your dreams come true - Let fulfill all your (your) dreams

My best wishes to you - My best wishes to you (you)
Official congratulations
When you're dealing with colleagues or partners, use a stricter language.Suit such formulas:

May I offer you my congratulations on / upon ... - You can congratulate you ...

Allow me to congratulate you on / upon ... - Allow me to congratulate you on ...

Pleaseaccept my congratulations on / upon ... - Congratulations to ...

wishes may appear as follows:

I hope you have a holiday that fills your heart with joy - I hope the holidays bring you good mood

Wewish you a merry Christmas and much success in the new year - We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great success in the new year

good practice in business greetings considered to express the pleasure of working with addressee:

It has been a pleasure to work withyou this year - working with you this year has been a real pleasure

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you - thank you for what you have given me the opportunity to cooperate with you