Roll out the sugar paste into a rectangle the size of the cake .The thickness should be about 5 mm.Move the picture on the mastic as follows: duplicate image, and then cut with a single copy of the image in parts and these parts lay on the mastic as a mosaic, referring to an entire copy of the drawing.Then circle all the contours of a toothpick.
Once you turn drawing on mastic, start coloring the background.Dilute to do a little bit of dye in water and paint the background with a fine brush.
figure is almost ready, but not yet perfect.Place in a dark glaze kornetik then circle all the contours.Make the glaze by mixing can be darker in her strong coffee.Try to maintain an even pressu
re to the output you get lines of equal thickness.Now wait until the lines are not squeezed dry.Only then can continue to decorate the cake.
Dilute the glaze with lemon juice or water, and then type in the required colors.If you are using a liquid dye, then the pre-icing do not need to be thinned.It is better to use several pastry bag or paper kornetikami that each of them was the icing in different colors.In order to "drive" the icing liquid in the corners of the circuit, use a toothpick or the tip of a paper kornetika most.
Now roll elastic sugar paste in a layer thickness of 2 mm, then cover with mastic cake the desired shape.While the sealant has not had time to dry, apply a texture to it through a rigid brush.
Cover Center cake condensed milk, so she firmly glued paste to the cake with a picture.Put it has dried up drawing.Now you can from the liquid glaze of different colors to prepare various decorations (leaves, butterflies, flowers, and so on).After drying, they can decorate themselves surface cake .