you need
  • - chicken or quail egg whites
  • - powdered sugar
  • - lemon juice
  • - confectionery Sprinkling
  • - chocolate
  • - marmalade
  • - dried fruits, nuts
  • - chewing marshmallow
  • - butter
  • - Poppy
  • - almond petals
Traditionally in Russia cake decorated with "cap" of the protein white glaze.To prepare it, take two egg hen protein quail or six, if not confident in the quality of eggs and are afraid of salmonellosis.For two hours, remove the proteins in the refrigerator, then remove them and beat with a mixer, gently starting with the low speed a
nd gradually increase.When the proteins reach the condition (zagusteyut so that they will not pour from the bowl, even if it is to turn), they start adding half a cup of powdered sugar a very thin stream and continue beating.Then add the protein mass in one tablespoon of lemon juice, without turning off the mixer.Half a minute later finished whipping and immediately apply the icing on the hot out of the oven, cake.To glaze froze faster than you can for a few minutes to put the cake with "cap" in a hot oven.
If the home has small children, or you cook cake for a gift, most likely you do not want to be limited to the classic white finish.Decorate the cake on top of the already protein "caps" can be colored sprinkles (it is sold in pastry departments of supermarkets).Another option - grated on a fine grater or colored chocolate coconut, almond petals poppy.Given that cakes, according to church tradition, must attend Orthodox subjects, you do not sprinkle the entire surface of cake decoration, and pinch fingers pour chips figured in the form of a cross or letters XB (Christ is Risen).If the hand is not spreading, the letters can be put nuts, finely porezanyh dried fruit, marmalade figure.
Surprise family and friends by making a whole Orthodox decoration - a cross or letters XB independently.To do this, take the tile of dark chocolate and melt it on a steam bath.Then, not a trickle, "draw" a cross or letters XB in the confectionery baking paper.Gently insert a sheet of paper in the freezer.After a couple of hours, reach for: chocolate decoration is easy to move away from the sheet, and can be transferred to the cake and "put a slightly sinking tip of the figures in the uncured even glaze.
craftsmen and decorate cakes these flower arrangements of mastic. It can be done by yourself. The easiest option: buy a pack of chewing marshmallow-type sweet snow or marshmallow, place in a bowl for the microwave, add to the same small piece of butter. Heat in microwave marshmallows and butter to a molten state, remove and start to pour ina bowl of powdered sugar, vymeshivaya at the same mass as the dough. Once the sealant reaches the consistency of modeling clay, from it we can sculpt anything. For example, roses. Fashion a pieces of 12 - 15 flat wide-angle triangles of different sizes, the first twist in the cone, while the other wraps aroundit so as to obtain a flower with half-petals.Note that the color of your product will depend on the color of marshmallows you originally took.