If you want to be at the panel, such a "Quick Access Toolbars» Opera or Mozilla Firefox, do not immediately turn to specialists, as this browser can be set up independently.After installing Google Chrome restart your computer and open the browser.
Look closely at the upper right of the browser window set and find the button configuration and management of Google Chrome with the wrench.Then click on it with the left mouse button.From the drop-down menu, select "Tools", placing the mouse cursor there.
In the side menu, select - "Extensions", move the cursor on t
he mouse and click the left button.Now should open the Advanced tab, Google Chrome.If you have still not installed the necessary extensions browser, you will be prompted to go to the arsenal available to Google Chrome Extensions Gallery.And so it did.The gallery is in a somewhat chaotic manner that there is a huge amount of software for the browser Google Chrome, including a very interesting, created by developers like Google, and third-party companies.
Locate the gallery extension called Speed ​​Dial and press the "Install Extension".Open another tab where you say in English, "Thank you."Just close the tab.Tab with the gallery can also close, as it is you no longer need.
Now every new tab will open with a panel having the same appearance and properties, as well as "Quick Access Toolbar" in Opera or Mozilla Firefox, and you can enjoy a comfortable work with their favorite you earlierpages and more rapid access to them.