you need
  • - cookies
  • - glass jar with a lid
  • - colored cardboard of different colors
  • - scissors
  • - adhesive
  • - red ribbon
  • - shiny paper
Bake the shortbread in the form of hearts.Pick suitable for a can with a wide neck and screw cap.Wash and rinse it with a solution of vinegar to eliminate extraneous odors.Tear label as possible, and the jar and lid boil for 5-10 minutes.
well and wipe dry the jar.Obkleyte bank shiny paper.As the labels stick symbolizing love photo or image.Decorate the jar hearts cut out of construction paper.Neck tie a beautiful ribbon.
Fold in the cookie jar.Close the jar lid.
will cut out of thick cardboard, two half rings and connect them into a single ring so that the bank could fit
inside this ring.
Cut out of colored paper hearts of red shades are many different forms.
Glue hearts on a ring of cardboard so that the board was not visible.Thus hearts should not be adhered fully and touch the cardboard should only at one end.The result should be a real fluffy wreath of hearts.
Put the jar in the middle of the wreath.From the pink paper cut one big heart and two smaller hearts.Draw on the same paper, another small heart pririsoval him from below the trunk, and cut it out.Cut the cardboard the same hearts, stick to them hearts of paper.Big heart turn the tip up, stick him with a trunk heart.Get the body and the head of funny elephant.
stick to the head, two smaller hearts.It will be the ears.Cut from the same pink paper a small ponytail and a tail will cut out of cardboard.Glue them.Glue the tail back so that it supports the pink elephant.
Put funny elephant next to the cookie jar.
Wait favorite.
As you can see, to make a "Valentine" with your own hands is a snap.