Prepare a solemn and at the same time a cheerful greeting.To create a festive atmosphere, you can decorate the house with flowers, balloons, and add the banner "From September 1."Pick a good birthday poem or make a short speech.It should not be banal instructions and the more accusations that the earlier a child behaved well enough or poorly studied.The school - it's not just blogs and evaluation, but also new knowledge, good teachers, friends, interesting events, etc.Make emphasis on these aspects.

If your child already knows how to read, you can do it for a small wall newspaper with cong
ratulatory poems and beautiful photos.He would be happy to consider the picture, especially if you add funny comments.The younger your student, the greater the pictures and the less - text.If the child is only in the first grade and can not read fast enough, solemnly give him "the first-grader medal," saying at the same time a short congratulatory text.

Remember, September 1 - it is primarily a holiday for schoolchildren.Try to make the day enjoyable for the child.Bake the cake and invite your friends to the student, which he wants to see.If the festival will be attended by relatives, ask each of them to prepare a short greeting in verse or prose.If your child has long dreamed of visiting the zoo, the circus, etc., brings him to the Day of Knowledge.Let the beginning of the school year will be remembered as a wonderful event associated with only pleasant impressions.

congratulating student from September 1, do not forget about the gifts.Toddler can please the original cupboards, a set of felt-tip pens and a nice notebook.If the child is very hard to get up in the morning, give him a funny kids alarm clock with a cheerful melody.Schoolboy who loves to look at pictures, you can give the album with a set of stickers.In these albums contains interesting and at the same time useful information on various topics.Finding the necessary pictures and pasting them, as well as reading the comments, the children will learn a lot.