main symbol of this holiday is heart and not one.It is that it should be present in large quantities in your home.Hearts can cut yourself out of white, pink and red paper and hang them around the house.And you can buy ready-made valentines and also decorate their room.If you want to tinker and time on it, you can make the hearts of the whole garland.
To make room for the Day Valentine's suit and inflatable balls.Also, we use white, pink and red color for design.Balls can take the ordinary, or filled with helium.The more they have, the more will create a festive atmosphere in your home.You can also use the balls in the shape of a heart.
candles will help to give more romanc
e.It is better to use many small candles.They should arrange around the room to make it more light.Suit and aromatic candles (only one is enough for flavor).
No holiday is complete without a meal.To this should be approached with special attention.To warm up suit appetite layered salad, laid out in the shape of the heart (the ingredients do not matter, the most important thing - a form).Dinner itself is better to make a protein and hearty.For this approach, such as risotto with seafood.If you plan to dessert, it should also take the form of the heart.For example, bake cookies, hearts or make fruit cake all the same shape.
Complement your meal with a beautifully decorated table.You can use the red cloth or napkins with hearts.In the cutlery can tie the ribbon and make her bow.The board should put a couple of candles and some statuette that symbolizes love.
Naturally, such a romantic evening gradually spill over into a romantic night.So you can pick up and bed linen that will meet the holiday.It may be underwear in pink and white and red colors, with a pattern in the form of hearts or angels.From Silk underwear is better to refuse.Though it looks and beautiful, but not suitable for sleep.