Start congratulate your dear women on the morning.On this day, they are happy to yield to the reins of the household is male, and therefore will be very happy to get a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast in bed.If you are in another city in a festive day, in the morning be sure to send an SMS with a short but colorful and original greeting animation.
presented favorite on March 8 personally prepared a certificate with the specified amount of money in it, that it can spend in any store, and you act as a sponsor.To truly memorable March 8 for a long time, pre-order a limousine with a bouquet of flowers, fruit and champagne.The incredible effect on the interior of the vehicle will produce a Woman, strewn with rose pe
tals, which will play her favorite music.You can not order a limousine during the day and evening, a ride on the streets flooded with lights and finish the holiday at the restaurant.
Surprisingly, women have a weakness for jewelry, not only, but also to ordinary inflatable balls.Make a pleasant surprise favorite, filled with colored balls bedroom while she was sleeping.The more balls you cheat, the more will be the feeling of celebration and childhood of your half.
If you are going to spend the whole day together, then make it more interesting, you can, girl preparing a surprise in the form of playing 12 notes.To do this you need to think a little bit to try and hiding place for notes and tips for them, which your half will look for a gift.Each note will contain a clue, which indicates the location of the next note.So you hide in an apartment or near the house note and a gift, and the girl will have to go through all the steps and look for a surprise.
congratulate on spring holiday mom can be no less original.For example, make it daily maid, who saves her from the hassle of the whole holiday.Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription to the mother a beauty salon, a massage or spa treatment, handing it together with a large bouquet of mimosa and tulips.If you have the ability to compose, then surprised her self-written poem.Presented it in a beautiful greeting card and be sure to read the poem aloud.