festive surroundings

year old baby is big enough and independent.At this age, he begins to walk (or begin to do so in the next few months), is trying to say something and have a lot of understanding what is going on in his life.Therefore, the first in his life a great holiday should make an unusual, different from the other days.

kid's room can be decorated with balloons, helium is desirable becauseordinary can suddenly burst and frighten a child.You can also hang colorful posters, photos and funny pictures.Sam, you can celebrate the birthday in a cafe, at home with family or just sit in a family setting.In principle, the child does not need any feast, and the atmosphere is important holiday, which gives him an understanding of the strangeness of the day.

Choosing a gift

course presents for the little hero of the occasion required.At this age the differences in enthusiasm between girls and boys is still not very noticeable, so presents the division by gender is not significant.For the overall development of the boy also need a doll (or the like) for the study of the body and the first role-playing games, and girls - machines.

Choosing a gift for the child rather complicated.If you are the parents of the birthday, it simplifies matters becauseyou know better, the more fascinated by the baby.If you're invited to a holiday or a close relative of the child, it is also best to ask the parents, it is better to buy.At the worst, you can safely donate money (or a certificate in the baby store), but be sure to attach to such a gift small toy.

Some toys are leaders when choosing a gift for a one year old child.But before you buy them, you should ask the parents whether there is already something like this and whether a place to put this gift (if it is sufficiently marker).On one of the first places is a children's tent-house.It is both beads (can be used as dry pool) and without them.There are completely different design, some come with tunnels and ball, etc.A lot of kids love to play in these houses, and the balls enable them to develop physically and to come up with new games added to them.You can buy a dry pool with balls, which in hot weather can be used as normal, filling it with water.

Another of the most common are rocking toys that are completely different sizes and types: inflatable, wooden, plastic, plush.There is music, singing songs or make sounds, there are those that can be used as a stretcher.Swing also a good option - there are floor or suspended.Last go for a longer period of use.

In a year the child is already walking or trying to do so.And machine-chairs, the back of which can be held at the first corner, too, will be fitting.In the future, it can be used as tolokar - drive it, pushing your feet off the floor.If the financial situation, the children's electric car will be a great gift option.He is running on battery power, and many come with a remote control.The last suit, even when the child himself can not control their own transport.

If your baby is very active and likes to move, it can be a good gift to sports facilities for the little ones, the small Swedish walls, large inflatable balls (can be with horns).This is very useful for the physical development, but not all children use it.It depends on the temperament of the child.

in stores a huge amount of educational toys, you just have to look at the recommended age.Popular music instruments: drums, piano, glockenspiel, etc., objects of domestic use: phone, remote, and others.

Children's books - is also a good gift, good selection of them now is enormous.It is also necessary to select them according to age.Well suited musical books (reading or singing when you press the button), educational books - help your child learn new skills (animals, colors, shapes, etc.).

course, fit and popular toys such as construction sets, dice, puzzle will fall in handy for your baby.The main thing that they do not contain small parts and sharp edges.

year-old boy can give the machine as normal and with sound effects, music wheel, aircraft or some other kind of transport.Children transport, an alternative to strollers, too, a great gift, in consultation with the child's parents.It is necessary to rely solely on the time of year: in the summer - a tricycle with a pen in winter - sleigh.Selecting those too large, it is necessary when buying take into account all the nuances.For example, a bike designed for kids over to their parents rolled, not for self drive in the future becausethey are quite heavy and the pedals are located is not always convenient for torsion.

In general, the options are many gifts, there is taken into account the financial possibilities and the wishes of parents.You can donate and useful things: clothes, shoes, bedding, jewelry, etc.Are very good creative gift- cast Children handles / legs;book, the protagonist of which is the birthday;family photo shoot, and others. In this case, it is necessary to make and some toys for babies, becauseAll useful things he is not rated yet.

What gifts to give is not worth

Choose gifts have plenty, but do not allow some errors.First, the child is only a year and do not give something for growth, the same toy.If she goes for the older child and is quite complicated, it will be the birthday she just is not interested and is not relevant to him.Secondly, the choice of toys should pay attention to the quality and the material of which it is made.Cheap gift can bring more disappointment than joy.Keep it simple, but better than many twists, which in a few days will cease to function.Third, the toy shall not contain small parts that children can accidentally swallow.

kid absolutely no difference, how much is a gift, it happens that kopek trifle interested him more than an expensive thing.Pay attention that the child is more interested in and you will certainly give him sincere pleasure.