Think about the tastes and preferences of your loved one.Surely he ever talked about something, what he really wanted to.It's not necessarily some thing: it could be a trip out of town, going to the theater, a parachute jump, spa salon, Thai massage, a thematic photo session, etc.If you desire to know quite well its second half, you can fulfill them.
Make your joint portrait.Select several most suitable pictures, take them in and ask them to handle the photo center and print on canvas.With the help of modern programs can be easily done from a photo picture, drawn in pencil, watercolor, oil,
etc.your choice.You can also add a romantic legend that seems written by hand.Get a picture, insert a beautiful frame and give.
Treat your loved one chocolate, made by you.The custom of giving chocolate lovers is very popular in Japan and the boys and girls so openly express their feelings or anonymous declarations of love, asking someone from friends or transfer them to elect beloved chocolate.Instead of buying ready-made tiles, get a few recipes, molds and start cooking a romantic chocolate for your second half.And do not forget to mention that you have prepared all their own hands it to him - very close to you.
If you want to make a gift to his beloved - confessed his love to her in the language of flowers.There are many different interpretations of the color values, to find them in our time is not difficult.Fire Lily talk about your passion, orchids - pure love and admiration for the beauty of your beloved and amaryllis - on its merits admiration.Find the interpretation of colors, select the most appropriate, complete your bouquet and tell us about it in the sense of a secret love notes.Such an option of presenting a bouquet hardly seems your lady commonplace.