Overall design of the holiday must be white, pink and red colors.Pink is the color of love has long and sincerity.Red - the color of passion.White - the color of purity and innocence.
Decorate the room for the celebration can be a beautiful decorative pillows in the form of hearts.You can buy them in the store, or make your own organza, brocade or silk.To create an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness on the day of lovers, sew pillow fur pink, white or red.
attribute of this holiday is considered doves, angels and hearts.To transf
orm the interior in the day, hang around balloons, colorful bright posters with declarations of love and romantic poems, garlands of balloons in the shape of a heart and other accessories.
also create a romantic atmosphere candles.In the blink of them all seem alluring, mysterious and a little hot.Today, a variety of candle holders are back in fashion.They can be floor, table and wall, in the style of the best traditions of the avant-garde and vintage chandeliers.If you arrange a crowded party, then put the candle in the corners of the room, or hang on the walls, and if you have planned a romantic date, it is best to put the candle on the table.
to the interior in the holiday was more enigmatic and passionate, use a large number of small-sized candles.For example, for a romantic dinner set up the small scented candles on the floor, they create a sense of light white clouds.
look fabulously beautiful candles that float in a wide pot with water, strewn with rose petals.
Also, do not forget to decorate not only the room, but the desk.Original beautiful tablecloth, which is embroidered on the edges of silver and gold sequins, tassels, delicate lace, shiny fringe looks very nice.Pick Napkins made of natural materials: silk, linen or cotton.Their color must be red, white or pink.