you need
  • Wire
  • White matter
  • White thread and needle
  • Many wool
So, how to do a snowman costume ?Just take the baby and wrap large white cloth?Believe me, this is not an option.It is better to consider this option: take a lot of wire, it is desirable to take a more stringent version of this wonderful product of science and technology.It is much easier for you trud.Vzyali wire, figured on the eye, what should be the three-ball to your child feel comfortable and start to work.First you need to make a small circle.It is we need to wee could sti
ck in his head.The second circle of larger diameter than the first, put the level of the diaphragm.Work on creating the best costume to perform three - child, who is all done, and two adults.The first holds the two steep from the wire, and the second quick start collecting ribs suit.Making them in large amounts is not necessary.You can make twelve pieces.That would be enough for a first ball.
frame completed the first ball, pass to the second assembly.The principle of operation will be virtually the same.The upper ring of the second ball will be equal to the diameter of the lower ring of the upper ball.The lower ring of the lower ball has to be placed between the pelvic and knee joints.Lower the lower ring is dangerous for the health of your child and others.Therefore, the option suggested above, is the best.In the same manner as in the first case, we create stiffeners.There must be more.Approximately 15-20 pieces.This is at your discretion.
final stage of creating the costume will envelop the wire frame in a white cloth.When applying the fabric to the frame should not be left outside edge of the matter.The most successful option would be necessary to measure the length and width, and then sew it all, and, then, only to pull on the frame.In this case, it will not be visible seams that give the suit more aesthetic vid.Takzhe will be out of orange paper to do a nose-carrot, do not forget to touch up her little black marker.If desired, and to put a bucket on his head, however, the old sign says "do not wear a bucket on his head, otherwise you grow up."