Tip 1: How to make a wish for Christmas

The Merry decided to make a wish that will certainly be fulfilled within a year.If you believe in a miracle, try on Christmas Eve and you ask God for the unseen.
you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - candles;
  • - thread.
desire to be guessing on the night of 6 January 7 (or 24 to 25 December, unless you belong to the Catholic or Protestant church).Moreover, it is not necessary to do it at midnight - you can make plans for the entire magical Christmas night.
matters and what you are asking.It is not necessary in this bright holiday wish for themselves wealth, especially if they have no pressing need, and even more willing to harm others.Ask for happiness, health, peace, meeting with true love, the birth of a child.Wishes should be formulated in the present tense and be sure to thank God for them.For example, you can say, "This year, I met the man of her dreams, and he made me an offer.Thank you, Lord, for this. "This wish will certainly come true.Also, it would be appropriate t
o wish health and happiness of their loved ones.However, do not love to think of the individual.You can not control his destiny and do not know whether your relationship to him good.
Best of all, if you make a wish in the church.But do not be discouraged if you can not go to the service.It is believed that on the night before Christmas, at three o'clock in the sky opens.Go out and tell about your desire, lifting his head up.It is sure to reach the addressee.
write a wish on a small piece of paper and take the candle.Its color depends on the nature of your request.To perform amorous desires suit red candle.For requests or improving the health of material prosperity - green, about the rest - blue.Light a candle and skapayte all the wax on paper with desire.After that, take the thread with a spark of color and tie her a note.Envelope should carry with them the whole year, and during this time your dream will come true.

Tip 2: When and how to make a wish

To desire to perform, in addition to the effort, people invent for themselves rituals.In the New Year, Christmas time and other days dreamers perform some simple sequence of actions in the hope that it will attract good luck.
When and how to make a wish

To wish come true, it should make a right.Formulating, never use the particle "no".Do not say "I do not want to be full," tell yourself, "I want to be slim and attractive."

Speaking of desire, consider all the details.Destiny - a lady who has a great sense of humor and do not miss the opportunity to make fun of you.Do not say "I want to get on a cruise" or "I want next year to drive a brand new BMW», because in your place and you can get as a cleaner or a hired driver.Formulating desire, consider all the way up the sensations that you have is a dream come true, the smell of a new seat in the car and taste salty spray of the waves.

make a wish, you must firmly believe that it will come true.To be safe, you can come up with their own rituals: for example, a coin in your pocket as long as the dream was not realized, or leave the house without a chain that brings you happiness.

Often visualize your desire.For example, imagine all the colors that you've lost weight.You catch the admiring glances of men on the streets, try on narrow trousers, and they turn out to you in time.You can dream up on how to improve your personal life after you lose weight.

Make a plan for execution of desire - as fate would be easier to help you.Indicate what steps will you take in order to fulfill the intended and how much time you need for this.

To find the perfect way to making wishes, be guided by your star sign and its element.If you are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you corresponds to the element of fire.At dusk, light a candle and write on a piece of paper their dream.Periodically review was written in the light of the same candle.Once the plans were executed, note should be burned.

in fish, Rakov and Scorpions chief assistant is water.You can make a wish on the banks of a river or lake, looking at the water surface.Either write a wish on a piece of paper, make a boat and let it in water.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo can help food and money.Zagadyvaya desire, eat a few grapes or gummies.While the desire is not fulfilled, you should not lend.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius assistants become clouds.Being in good company, raise your head up and make a wish.After that, it will certainly come true.