Make a list of all the things that you need to do in preparation for the new home.It should be in a column where the top are the most important and time-consuming cases (for example, the preparation of refreshments and cleaning - at the top of the list and buy balloons for celebration -, respectively, below).
Send an invitation to guests.This can be done by phone, but it's better to write on a postcard, issued the original.At the prompt, enter the exact date, time and place of the celebration.
Make cleaning the day before the celebration in his new home.As guests to the housewarming'll want to explore all of your new home, the cleaning should be performed in all area
s.Pay special attention to transparent or glittering things (dirt or dust on the mirror or the glass will be very noticeable).
Prepare or order food.To have enough time to prepare, but the treats were fresh, do it in advance.Check 4 Is there enough crockery and cutlery for all guests.Also make sure that your guests have a place to sit.If the furniture in the house a little, you can get on the floor, but see to it that the guests did not experience discomfort, which lay a soft and clean carpet, put pillows and ottomans.
Just before the arrival of guests, cover a table (you can even just put snacks and drinks), turn on the music and dim lighting (candles or lamps).
Meet guests.If they do not know each other - it is best to introduce them to each other.Do not immediately lead guests visiting the home, if they have not expressed this desire.Best of all - spend them to the table, where they offer drinks and snacks.After the guests will be filled a little, start to show them your new home or have to do it someone else and yourself at this time put on the table hot meals.