Symbol of the fifth anniversary of the marriage - a tree.Coming to this point, the couple tend to have arranged the house, established life, got children.Wood perfectly characterizes the relationship of husband and wife: stronger than cotton, linen or paper, but are subject to fire family quarrels.In addition, this material - warm, comfortable, simple, but firm - was used to warm the family home and build a roof over his head.Therefore, in the celebration of this event, a considerable role should be given to the tree.
Tradition wooden prescribe celebrate a wedding with family or alone.But today often want to share this joy with friends.Decide how many
guests you want to invite to this event.On this will depend on the nature of the holiday.But remember that loud parties are not suitable for wooden wedding, as the patron of the fifth anniversary of a Saturn symbolizes stability and limitations.
Select a suitable location.On this day, it is desirable to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.Wooden hut - a traditional place of celebration of the fifth anniversary.Very handy if you have a cottage or a house in the village.Perfect restaurant, furnished in a tree or in an ethnic style.You can arrange a holiday in nature, weather permitting, for example, organize a picnic in the woods with lots of vegetables and fruits instead of alcohol and hearty.If you have decided to celebrate the anniversary together, think about a romantic walk in the park or a hike in the botanical garden.But you can celebrate at home, then decorate the interior of wooden objects (spoons, dolls, jewelry boxes, painted boards).
Before entering the house or other location where the wooden wedding, put indoor tree, plant or a large branch.In Nature, select a beautiful little tree.It is a symbol of "the tree of happiness."Guests at the entrance have to tie him a bright ribbon, attach cards with wishes of happiness to spouses.
Consider the scenario of the holiday, it must be linked to Russian folk traditions and "wooden" themed celebration.For example, you can arrange a game: the master selects one guest, calls him some tree, which the player must draw without words.The rest of the guess, the first guess becomes the master.In games and contests can use the acorns and cones.
There is a good tradition in the fifth wedding anniversary - to plant a sapling.In the past, on this day the couple together selected fruit seedling planted it near the house and tied with a red ribbon, which can be removed only after a year.When growing children, the first fruits, and by the time there were grandchildren, his shadow tree could hide the whole family.If you have the opportunity to follow this custom.But it is possible to restrict the purchase of indoor wood, suitable plants such as Ficus benjamina, geptapleurum, bonsai Crassula, Scheffler.
on wooden wedding the couple decided to give gifts of wood.It is advisable to avoid the only items that may have a hidden meaning: the rolling pin, the bits that stick.You can also choose gifts for health: massage, water filter, inhaler.Husband and wife also presented souvenirs to each other.By tradition, the husband himself cut out of wood useful things: spoons, boards, frames, and his wife made a wreath of oak leaves and worn on the head of the wife.