Take a sheet of heavy paper format A4.Fold it in half so as to get the basics for a card was the format A5.
The front cover cards primarily to draw a Christmas tree.Use the colored pencils.Try not to use felt-tip pen: Drawing get colorful, like a child, and at the slightest mistake will have to start all over again, because the eraser to correct it will not turn out.The size tree should not occupy the entire area of ​​the cover.On all four sides around it should remain a place.Samu tree paint, using green and pencil and make a stand for her brown, imitating wood.
Draw hanging from tree branches multicolored balloons.Where necessary, free up space for their images using the eraser.Apply an image as "rain" (you ca
n use a silver gel pen-type "metallic"), garlands.
Draw a box under the Christmas tree with ribbons, symbolizing the gifts.Leave at the same place for an inscription, which will be under the image of a Christmas tree.
Take a stencil font.Above the tree write "Merry Christmas", and under it put four digits of the coming year.
flanked by trees draw smiling children.
Draw for the tree window through which you can see the fireworks.The window picture a pencil and fireworks - colored.
Apply a line forming the object plane, so that the glass is above this line and stand and gifts - underneath.Fill in the space that is not occupied by any objects under the line of horizontal bars, and above it - vertical.
Expanding postcard, a beautiful handwriting, write to her greeting, addressed to its recipient.If you wish to use this verse, including their own.
If you wish to write on the back of your card coordinates (phone, e-mail) - so it will be more like a factory.