Select one of the 16 berths, located in the city of Moscow, where you can start a river walk.The most popular ones are those that allow you to make a trip to the center of the capital, among them "Novospassky Bridge" near the metro station Proletarian, "Variety Theatre" near the Kropotkinskaya station "Kiev railway station" at the respective metro station.Refine addresses berths on the official website of "Capital of the shipping company."
Learn the schedule departure of ships from the chosen station by phone 495-225-60-70.Remember, weekend and evening fine days at the box office queue berths can be, so come early.
Go to the selected berth day excursions alleged.Find the cash and buy the number of tickets in the number of wishing to river walk.Children under 6 years of age can ride
the ships free.If you wish, you can buy tickets in advance if your group is more than 10 people.This can be done at the Leningrad highway, 51, p. 2, the building is located across from the River Station.However, in this case, the vouchers are non-refundable, and if their design must present a passport.
Wait ship.After the descent of the passengers, you can go inside or on the deck.Present purchased tickets inspector.On board there is a bar with drinks and snacks, toilets.
Take a river trip and you get off at the right berth, the price is fixed for any length of the route.If you want to spend on the boat the whole day, you can buy "a ticket a day."You can make any number of landings and landings of ships.
If you are planning a celebration on the river with a banquet and excursion program for a large number of guests, please contact the rental department ships out there for you to pick up a special program.