you need
  • - holiday scenario
  • - greeting card
  • - gift
  • - flowers
  • - album
  • - photos of parents
  • - paper
  • - adhesive
Make a plan of activities to celebrate the anniversary of get the original and fun.This holiday should remind your wedding day, and therefore includes invited guests, flowers and gifts, table with refreshments, congratulations couples various competitions.Thinking over the plan, keep in mind that each requires a special kind of anniversary celebration.For example, 30 years of marri
age (ie, the "Pearl Wedding") decided to celebrate at the lake or on the river bank, and the "Golden Wedding" must pass the same as 50 years ago, completely repeating the course of the celebration.
Pick a gift that will match your wedding anniversary celebration, taking into account the following nuances:
1. It must be a common, that is to target and mom and dad.For example, a travel voucher to the places where he was their honeymoon.
2. Prepare a special photo album.To do this, select the photos of different years of living together, to paste them in an album and the original sign.
3. Among the most interesting photo shots collage, stick them on a large sheet of paper, and in the solemn day, attach it to the wall.
4. Give parents the product of a material, the name of which is their wedding anniversary: ​​porcelain - on the 20th anniversary, silver - on the 25th, etc.
Buy big beautiful card.They are sold with a finished text greetings wedding anniversary, but more touching and sincere words will be spoken, written by you.Let these verses and will not be as folding and professional, but the parents will accept them with great joy and gratitude.
Book in a flower shop or in the salon an original bouquet of flowers.Let florists make flower composition, for example in the form of a traditional couple kissing doves.You can think of other subjects to greeting parents with anniversary of their wedding was beautiful and moving.