under sharia law, devout Muslims annually celebrate only two holidays - Eid al-Fitr and the end of the holy month of Ramadan.Birthday - this is not a holiday for them.

In the words of the Koran

ban on birthdays is related with religion.The followers of Islam must live according to the Koran and to dedicate his life to the service of Allah, Muhammad, his prophet.In the sacred book you can find the answer to any question, such as the "abolition" of birthdays.The Koran says that the right to enter the Ides (annual holidays) is only the Lord and His Messenger Muhammad, to celebrate other holidays is strictly prohibited.This rule applies only to t
hose dates that are usually celebrated every year.
why Muslims celebrate its birth is very rare.


In some Muslim countries celebrate this event only twice.The first time that day, when a person is born and the second when he was executed in '52 (as the Prophet Muhammad).The holiday is celebrated widely, serves a rich table, invited a lot of guests and praising Allah.In other states it is allowed to celebrate birthdays a little more often, for example, to mark some important stage in life.

Some Muslims trends lend themselves to other cultures and themselves begin to congratulate each other, but it condemned clerics, as such alien to the tradition of the true faith.And adopt the customs of other religions - a terrible sin.However, opposed to spend the day in the company of family or close relatives, no one speaks, it is not forbidden, but on the contrary, is considered to be a good occasion to thank the Lord for life and sustenance.But to focus on the birthday child is not accepted as it is not accepted to give expensive gifts.Gifts do not even need to bring on the day of the holiday.They can pass long before the birth of, or, conversely, later.Guests are also invited to a little earlier or later cherished date.It is easy to explain.Give a neighbor a joy and I wish you every day is necessary, therefore, to allocate any one - completely pointless.

secular tradition

modern young Muslims, brought up in the letter of the Koran in Islamic countries, comply with the prohibitions and do not celebrate birthdays.Europeans have come to the birthday party guests can be, you can even bring gifts, but only to congratulate the birthday boy is still not worth it.You perceive as a friend of the family (once you have the entrance to the house), and therefore organized and the table, and entertainment, but they will be dedicated for you, not a birthday.

However, gifts are delighted to people of any religion, and therefore appropriate to bring a gift of non-personal things (ie an outsider should not give jewelry, clothing, perfume, etc.), Better something neutral: household items, decorative items.Never give to the Koran or Muslim prayer attributes.