Learn their desire.It's not as easy as you think.Serious work on yourself.Take a sheet of paper and a pen.In the left column write everything that you're happy with what already achieved, and on the right - what you would like.Prioritize what you wish for, signing serial numbers.That turned out to be the first number, and should be your most important and most cherished desire.
Formulate your desire.In no case do not use the particle "no" and the words with a negative tinge.Do not write "I do not want to be fat," but the word "lose" does not fit."Lose weight" from "thin", that is bad, bad, sick.You can formulate a wish like this: "I want to be slim, attractive, charming."
Think of how your desire will be realized.If you want to meet the man of her dreams, but are going to
run the whole year from "work-home-work" will not.Or do you want to go on a world tour.You can get to the ocean liner, but as attendants.This, too, is hardly suited.Come up, and better record on paper all the options that can help desire to realize.
zagadyvaya desire, need to unconditionally believe that it will come true.But to think about it and wait, when will come the very moment it is impossible.Make a wish and release it.The universe itself will launch the desired program.You just need to wait a bit.
Visualize the result.If you make come true, moving into a new apartment, as often as possible, imagine what furniture buy her apart, what the wallpaper and curtains are in the bedrooms.
There are hundreds of "techniques" making wishes for Christmas.It is possible to build on your belonging to a certain sign of the zodiac and to conduct a simple ritual.
If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, Leo or Aries, wait until dark and light green candle.Take a look at the fire, discard all unnecessary thoughts, concentrate.Write down your wish on a paper.If you want something to throw out their lives in the flames burn the note, and if you want to get something, buy, read the text several times by candlelight.
for cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will be the chief assistant to the water.You need to make a wish on the lake or river.Write down a wish on a sheet, and then make a boat out of it and drop into the water.Find the pond where the water does not freeze and where there is a hole.
Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo will land.Write on a small piece of paper, and his desire to put it in a flower pot.On Christmas Eve fill up the land and plant a flower, which was later cared for.
Aquarius, Libra and Gemini for making wishes need air.Note with the desire to put the ball inside, fill it with air, tie and send it to heaven.