This seven-day holiday with games, songs, dances and plentiful refreshments.Pancakes - one of the main attributes of Maslenitsa had their ritual significance: round, ruddy and hot, they are a symbol of the sun.In addition, the carnival - a merry farewell to winter.Every day of Maslenitsa has its name Monday - meeting, Tuesday - zaigrysh Wednesday - gourmand, Thursday - wide or carousing Friday - Teschin Vecherki Saturday - Zolovkina gatherings and Sunday - Forgiveness Day.All week anciently called "fair, broad, kasatochka, cheerful noblewoman-carnival" .In interesting names for each day fixed some actions and rituals.On Monday, made of straw effigy of Maslenitsa, dressed him in women's clothes and old carried on a sled through the village.Tuesday began celebrations and ente
rtainment: performances, sledding, ice with slides, games and dances.On Wednesday, baked pancakes and enjoy a rich table.On Thursday it accounted for fun mid week.Were heated fights "wall to wall" and "one on one".On Friday-law went to tescham pancakes.Mother-in-law used to bake a lot of different pancakes: thick, with all sorts of fillings, as well as the thin and openwork lace and heartily regaled in-law.The Sabbath day is the bride hosted relatives and covered for them a generous table.The last day of the holiday week called "Forgiveness Sunday."Friends and family asked each other's forgiveness for intentional and accidental hurt and grief caused by this year.Also on the last day of Maslenitsa burned straw man - a symbol zimy.Ochen many traditions of celebrating Shrovetide alive in our time.People having fun, baked pancakes, go to each other's homes.The squares organize concerts and performances, different contests of strength and skill, but at the end of the holiday tradition burn an effigy of winter. Pancake - one of the most beloved and happy holidays.This time it is dedicated to good communication with loved ones, family and friends.For believers - a preparation for Lent, which is dedicated not only fun, but also forgiveness of offenses and reconciliation with others.