ideal option if you are familiar with the interests of his wife (girl friend), its tastes and preferences.For a man who knows the woman, and attentive to detail, to choose a present no difficulty.But more often it happens that even knowing a woman for a long time, it is difficult to understand what it would really be nice to get a gift.How to be in this case?Try to determine its psychological type.

1. Romantic lady

Women of this type like novels and movies about love, a childhood dream to meet a prince or a sort of hero, who is ready for her crazy exploits.They also love to listen
to romantic or sentimental songs, watch the sunset and the stars.Dreamy.An unforgettable gift for a woman is to fully comply with it in their youth read books.Ideal - a romantic trip.True, the place you have to be determined from the calculation of the budget.As an alternative, you can arrange a romantic dinner on the roof of a house or a picnic in the park near the lake with swans.In the eyes of these women wealth - is not important, but the serenade or poems in their honor will cause them admiration and affection.

2. Practical and rational nature

These women are beautiful bouquet or a romantic dinner would be considered rather complementary to the main entourage present.In this capacity will approach something useful and valuable.For example, a camera, cooker, computer, phone, set for sushi, depending on the preferences of the ladies.A month before the celebration listen to what she said.Usually practical nature, as if in passing, are beginning to hint that they would like to have (to get as a gift).

3. Capricious lady

These women are very difficult to understand, because they want all the time different, their mood and desire to change periodically to the contrary.The best solution when choosing a present for the lady - it's completely absolve themselves of all responsibility for his choice.To do this, you can buy a gift certificate to a beauty salon, fitness center, pool, high-end lingerie, shoe or jewelry store.

4. businesswomen

nature of a business woman as peculiar: for it is important and creative / personal growth, and rational.The best option for a gift to a woman will pay what some courses at its discretion, or subscription for Pilates, yoga, oriental dance.

5. Sophisticated Lady

Refinement of these women immediately catches the eye.Their main desire - to emphasize their individuality, so the gift should be appropriate.For example, if the lady is a passionate collector of art and antiques, solemnly handed her a gift that she was not ashamed to show off to your guests.Or one that you can put on the most prominent place.

6. I listen to anything or filmgoers

If a woman is interested in music or a movie, knows by heart biography and filmography of favorite actors, give her anything to do with her passion: audio equipment, home theater, music CDs and movies that she would like to buy.

7. The athlete / ekstremalka

There is a category of women who climb the mountains, enjoys scuba diving, day and night skiing, or rollerblading, wound kilometers on the bike, etc.For a woman to buy something from sports equipment or clothing.An added bonus for scoring you will, for example, a bike ride with her company for a couple of kilometers.

Well, in the present and most importantly - it's still not the price and attention.After all, women are the main thing - to feel that she is loved, desired, unique and unrepeatable.