Select a location.If you or friends have a cottage in the property or vacation home, half of organizational problems solved.You can also rent a private house, to go to the village to stay with relatives, go to the nearest woods or go on a scenic river.Choose plain and simple routes, because it will have to ride on different machines.
Think menu.It is clear that the main course would be the kebab or meat on a roasting pan.Think of garnish - bring vegetables and mushrooms, which can be baked.As appetizers Gather the ingredients for the salad to be packed in airtight containers.Birthday cake will be difficult to sell, but if you have a refrigerator, it is possible.Ready-made meals in the form of cheese, sausages, canned vegetables als
o come in handy.In general, fruits and vegetables, take more - outdoors good appetite.Do not forget to take alcohol and drink.
Decorate territory.Themed stationery in the form of colorful posters, banners, paper lanterns and balloons decorate any celebration.You can hang them on trees, decorate cars, chairs and tables, home.
Take with accessories for outdoor activities.In order not to turn the banal into a festive picnic meal, include a script of outdoor games - you need props (balls, ropes, various shells, etc.).Divide the guests into two teams and organize competitions.A pair of badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, football and other shells allow to warm up.
Write a script.Clearly budgeted action steps to help you make a memorable celebration - spread around the time duration of each contest, including the duration of the feast, leave provision for leisure activities.If you mark the day birth of the child, be sure to invite animators - funny clowns, fairy-tale characters and Cartoon will bring a lot of joy to kids.Organize music, just be careful that the music was too much.The ending of the action can be the launch balloons, kites or small fireworks.