Autumn balls held in kindergartens, schools and universities, and other institutions, where love and honor these cultural traditions.Accordingly, where the festival is held, such should create and decorate for him.
Ball in kindergarten decorate yellow, red leaves of trees that can be pinned bulavochkami, thin needles, clips to the curtains, walls of the room, which will host the celebration.Hang colorful balloons, which are very popular with children.It is advisable for all decorations holiday pick in tone autumn colors - orange, gold, red, yellow, light brown.It will be smart if you make a mural of children's drawings pupils garden applications on the theme of autumn.Such panels can be hung on one wall of the ballroom.
Autumn balls love the students.Advise schoolgirls
girls dress up in ball gowns 17-18 centuries, when the balls are especially revered.Young people should be possible dressed in tuxedos, coats, uniforms.That is also on the ball fashion of the past centuries.Music on holiday - just a classic.Before the ball is desirable for students to conduct training workshops on the art of dancing figure waltz, polonaise, mazurka and other classical dance forms.
Scripts autumn ball can be set.Invite host for the ball from the agency organizing events.Under the scenario, which he will propose, you will need to decorate the ball.You may need the wall newspaper of the festival, how it will be conducted and what entry rules to him there.Select Queen Autumn Ball, which along in a long flowing dress and a wreath of bright shades of yellow leaves and fruits of mountain ash on his head.
Decorate autumn balls clusters of mountain ash, viburnum, paper garlands, bouquets of dried colorful flowers, balloons of various shapes and compositions thereof.It can be used during the festival firecrackers, colorful confetti, glitter.Hang indoor electrogarlands made in the shape of flowers.On stage, organize the rain curtain of fine gleaming tinsel.The color palette for holiday decorations must be autumn.