Select a location for the wedding.This may be a plot near the cottage, the coast, the park, cozy place in the woods outside the city, your discretion.It is important to consider a few things.First, you need to choose a place to which not too difficult to reach.Second, there should not be outsiders who could disrupt your wedding.And, thirdly, it is desirable that was close to a house, the cottage, recreation, etc., where guests could freshen up, wash, visit the restroom.
Book tents.It is not necessary to give priority to tents, as in the case of bad weather the absence of the side walls can be very unpleasant.Also, you will need to bring a large amount of furniture.It is easy to choose the foldin
g tables and chairs, as they are much easier to transport.If you want to mark the wedding in style, you can, of course, bring luxury upholstered furniture, but keep in mind that in nature it can easily deteriorate or get dirty, especially if it starts to rain.
Decorate tables and tents of wedding accessories.It is not necessary to order too many colors.Preference may be given to a bright garlands, paper lanterns, ribbons and so on. If you need a stage for performances, in advance take care of its construction and decoration.By the way, do not forget about the musical equipment which is able to work under special conditions, and protect it from the weather.
Order food and drinks.It is advisable to hire specialists who prepare and bring food: they will help you solve the problem of the banquet, as well as provide you with an additional amount of tablecloths, napkins, crockery, cutlery, etc.Basic options Banquet two: either you hire waiters serving guests or Set your meals and drinks on a separate table, and the guests themselves fit and choose what they like.