greatest danger for inexperienced mushroom pickers are not remarkable and fly agaric toadstools that look like edible mushrooms poisonous.The most coveted for mushroom white mushroom has a few counterparts among poisonous.Gall fungus looks almost indistinguishable from the white, and even experienced mushroom picker can make a mistake.Pay attention to the lower surface of the mushroom cap: she had a poisonous pink, and cut a piece of the cap quickly blushes.Boletus satanas is not for nothing has the ominous name.Leg it is much thicker than that of Borovik, upper legs pinkish.Cut the flesh of the fungus, and if she quickly turns red and then turns blue - discard it immediately!Satanic fungus belongs to one of the most poisonous.

Paradoxically, even poison can be good, edible mushrooms.Do not pic

k mushrooms old overgrown.They accumulate toxic substances, and even butter mushrooms, white mushrooms, boletus can cause severe poisoning.

It is difficult sometimes to distinguish the good from the poisonous mushrooms even experienced mushroom pickers.So, in the late summer and mushrooms come in large quantities at the same time in the woods, you can find their counterparts - the poisonous sulfur-yellow and brownish red mushrooms.You should alert the plate reddish or milky white, thickened base of the fungus.It features non-edible honey agarics.In autumn edible fungi honey hat with scales, there is a white film, whose purpose - to communicate with the edge of the stipe cap.Brownish-red mushrooms differ unpleasant pungent odor and taste, as they contain the poison affects the gastrointestinal tract.

Poisonous mushrooms are also such as lines and morels.The poison contained in them, is not destroyed by boiling and cause acute poisoning, especially in children.

There are a number of mushrooms that can not be consumed raw.This so-called mlechniki or mushrooms, we loved mushrooms, volnushki.In Western Europe they are considered poisonous and not eaten.Make these edible fungi can be extended by soaking or boiling.Soak mushrooms next few days.Broth necessarily discarded and fried mushrooms.There are about 50 species of fungi, which, if insufficient heat treatment or eating raw cause acute poisoning.What is most unpleasant, certain types of fungi are completely incompatible with alcohol, which increases the symptoms of poisoning.

limit care and accuracy in the "quiet hunt" will allow you to recognize the poisonous mushroom, and to protect themselves from danger.Remember that the mushrooms always grow in the same place, so if you do not damage the mycelium, then the next year will find under the same covenant bush edible mushrooms, as in previous years.