Christmas is traditionally celebrated at home with the family.So think about decorating appropriate housing.An important symbol of Christmas - this tree.To distinguish it from the New Year is that it must necessarily be the tip of the six-pointed star - the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which indicated the Magi to the place of Christ's birth.
addition to the Christmas tree, you can also be used for home decorating a nursery - a composition depicting the Adoration of the Magi.Picture this scene in the form of figures is related primarily to the Catholi
c cultural tradition, but, nevertheless, is consistent with the spirit and the traditional Russian Christmas.Cribs can be purchased as ready, although finding them in Russia is difficult, and do it yourself.
Prepare a Christmas table.In pre-revolutionary Russia Christmas began to celebrate Christmas Eve on January 6.This is the last day of Advent, so that day were put on the table only meatless meals.You can keep the tradition by preparing sochivo.You need to cook from refined grains of wheat porridge, then add it to the poppy, pounded with honey.Also on Christmas Eve, you can apply a variety of fish and vegetable blyuda.Dlya serving in itself Christmas can cook had meat dishes, such as duck stuffed with apples.You can also apply a variety of sweets, including using recipes and cuisines of other nations.A good option for a holiday table with children can be a gingerbread house, decorated with marzipan - a dish that is traditional for Germany.The French Christmas to prepare a special cake called "The log" - a roll covered with chocolate and stylized tree trunk.
Start celebrate evening of January 6.According to the tradition of the holiday table that day sit down with the appearance of the first star in the sky.Prior to that, on Christmas Eve is usually abstain from food.At the same time it is possible to exchange Christmas presents.If you are a religious person, visit the Christmas service - this is one of the most solemn worship services in a year.Then you can come with your family again for 7 January to celebrate Christmas properly .
Another interesting Christmas tradition - it carols.Children and young people on the evening of Christmas Eve dressed in costumes and go from house to house singing, carols - special Christmas poems - and congratulations.In return they received from the owners of the house treats.In modern urban environments organize such an event is problematic, but possible if you want to celebrate Christmas away.You or your children can prepare for greeting their friends and acquaintances, and it can also be an occasion to get acquainted with Russian folk traditions.Lyrics Christmas carols can be found in the thematic publications or on Internet sites such as "Orthodoxy and the World."