Post ("Eid") requires every Muslim to become stronger in their faith and self-discipline.Daytime during Ramadan believers dedicate prayers, reading the Koran, meditation, pious activities and work.In addition, after the fifth prayer is another, more prayer-prayer (Taraweeh).

In the daytime you can not eat, to quench their thirst, inhaling tobacco smoke.At night, restrictions are removed, but the menu has to be strict fasting, entertainment and indulge in luxuries can not.Even the food should be allowed to use as much as possible in smaller quantities, as a post directed at reducing the carnal urges.Many are beginning to use in the dark
various specialties, increase the amount of food eaten - in this case the goal post is lost, benefit from it will not.

to feel the joy and the reward at the end of fasting, the believer must experience real hunger.Restrictions on food during Ramadan are imposed only on pregnant and lactating women, the seriously ill, children and people who are on the road or hard work.This is most obvious prohibitions, known to many of them.However, apart from these, there are other, equally important restrictions during Ramadan.

Avoid views on forbidden places is any items, distracting the mind from the remembrance of Allah.Even his wife is not necessary to look with lust, not to mention the other women.Also forbidden places that do evil.

necessary to avoid unnecessary disputes, unnecessary talk, lying, backbiting, vows, jokes, etc.Libel and slander - big sin and failure to comply with this prohibition may make more severe course of post.Slander - talk about the man behind him, that he would not like.From this sin difficult to resist even devout Muslims, but this should strive for constantly.Similarly, a sin, and the hearing of such conversations.