On nature to do everything they want, but it's better if it's a relaxed holiday that will give pleasure and not dive into the laptop and writing a thesis.
most popular pastime in the open air - this, of course, the traditional meal with barbecue smoke, watermelon and a huge basket of fresh vegetables.Spending time for a picnic nicely in a large company, where each will take on a role for the organization of joint leisure.
Connoisseurs of fishing and hunting, of course, agree that there is no better vacation than to enjoy the beauties of nature, and at the same time to enjoy a favorite hobby.These old as the world
, playing nice to spend alone with yourself or with your best friend, fully share your hobbies.
Hike for mushrooms, berries, herbs - no less salutary exercise for the body.Take the basket, knife, something to eat and to devote the whole day finding tasty and healthy forest gifts for winter preparations.
Take yourself on nature can be more creative and business.Take a canvas, a brush and a box of paints and try to convey the beauty of the surrounding world on paper.If the rudiments of the artist in you do not have suitable notebook and pen - suddenly impressed Prigogine day or in your head will be born a poem, an essay or a novel.No less enjoyable will be knitting, beading, embroidery in the shade of a spreading oak.Finally, photographing flowers, butterflies, birds, clouds, trees.Macro - an excellent practice to hone a skill of the photographer on the nature .
with kids Get active.Playing ball hockey, treasure hunt, zapuskaniya kite, fun relay race, hide-and salochki certainly will please not only children, but also entertain moms and dads.
oncoming, nafotografirovavshis, collecting mushrooms, catch the biggest pike and after eating kebabs, it's time to gather around the campfire.It's nice if someone in the company is playing the guitar.Interesting stories, old songs, baked potato, embers - worthy end of a busy day in the nature .