As we know from history, the early Christians this holiday is not celebrated, his appearance we owe Christians of Egypt, and by the 4th century ADThis custom spread everywhere.Russian tradition of celebrating Christmas was formed as a result of imposition of the Greeks brought the Christian principles on indigenous pagan festival in honor of the Sun God (Christmas Carols), the date of veneration which crouches just for December 25.Hence the well-known Christmas carols were nice, preserved to this day.Christmas time to the period of December 25 - January 6, an
d accompanied by traditional Christmas divination (because according to popular belief, during the winter solstice opened the gate between the visible and invisible worlds).
Christmas in Russia is also called "winter Easter," and was intended to sing the rebirth and renewal of the soul.Vigil service began with a solemn divine liturgy, heralds the birth of the Savior, and gave glory to the Creator, as the angels in heaven and people on earth.
Each house has dressed up a Christmas tree as a symbol of "eternal" life, and set a holiday table, after the end of the six weeks of Lent.
The night before Christmas m festivities began.In the streets there were clowns, sang the Christmas songs that glorify Christ.
The children, stumbling in small flocks, went from house to house singing Christmas carols, recited poems and prayers.The owners generously of their kalatches and cakes, and adults were invited to the table.
Parents tell children stories about the birth of the baby Jesus, showered their grain as a symbol of abundance.
the morning people congratulating each other with Christmas m and arranged folk fun: riding on threes, sleigh rides, playing "Ledkov" snowballs, "fish", "trickle" and so forth.Also loved the fist fights and baiting of bulls and bears.
Skomorokhy gave theatrical performances for the Christmas theme, in which good triumphs over evil by all means, in a generalized manner of Gogol's devil.All this came to our days, slightly changing the shape, in favor of modern mores.
Thus, colorful Russian soul could inexplicably combine the deep pagan roots canonized along with religious rites.