you need
  • colored or white cardboard, colored paper, scissors, glue, decorations: dried flowers, beautiful buttons, ribbons, beads, stickers, and all that will be at your fingertips.
Decide on the size of postcards.You can make a great card that will hang on the wall or stand on a shelf with books or small, that your mother can keep in your wallet.Cut the card out of cardboard and fold it in half, you can now start decorating.
If you choose a white board, you can cover it with a beautiful colored paper, card to become brighter.If you choose colored cardboard, you can cut the corners of the beautiful patterns or poke them with a figure Punch, which is sold in department store
s to stationery.
Use all your imagination to design the cover.Stick it dried flowers and decorate the edges with colored tape or make a tape of the ribbon and stick it into the corner.Beautiful stickers with ornaments decorate the back side of postcards.You can use foil to make her a snowflake, if your mom's birthday in the winter of gold paper can be cut zodiac sign.On the Internet you can find a picture of a loved animal or a flower of your mother, and printing, as well stick to the cover cards.
Draw a portrait of your mother, or paste a picture of her.You can find a picture, which depicts the whole family or just you and your mom.Write in large letters on top of "Happy Birthday" or "beloved mother".
Compose a poem or find on the Internet a beautiful birthday greeting for Mom.Send him a beautiful pen and large letters, or print out a sheet of paper and attach to the card using double-sided tape.
Do not be afraid to experiment: try to make some cards and choose the best of them, or make a few blanks, placing all the parts on the card, but not sticking them and leave only what you enjoy most.
Do not forget to sign and date when the card was made, my mother will be very pleased in many years, through all previously donated gifts to remember this day, and then when it had been given.