to bless must be purchased in advance icon.Her you will have to transfer to a new family, where the shrine will serve as a kind of relic.Lady bless usually an icon of the Mother of God.However, the church does not give any certain strict guidelines on the matter.Therefore, if your family is an icon, which, perhaps, passed on from generation to generation, you can bless it.There are cases when the parents of bride and groom together take on an icon and give young.
Blessing's daughter can be when the bride comes to her parents' home to ask for the hand of his future wife.However, traditions change over time.Now accepted to give the parental blessing only after the groom pays the ransom bear all assigned tests show the bride and guests.
Once implemented all the conven
tions and the guests are going to go to the registry office, take the bride and groom in a separate room.Blessing should be given in the presence of only the closest people.It will be nice if at the same time be able to attend the godparents of the bride.The blessing is given not only her daughter, but also her future husband, as you give permission to live as one family.
When everyone who needs to bless gathered, you can start.The bride and groom should stand in front of you.Pick up an icon that will bless.Turn it face to the young.Then tell them his parting words.Do not cook it long enough to sincerely wish happiness and love.Remember - it's not so much a habit as the wish all the best for your daughter's new family.
After parting speech need to cross three times in succession the bride and groom.Then they kiss the icon, and then cross your fingers.