Weave garland of balloons in the form of the inscription "Happy New Year" and hang it from the ceiling.Do yourself or order in the specialized agencies of the big figures of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden of colorful balloons.Put them at the entrance to the hall, welcoming guests in this way.Use decorating gel in foil balloons of various shapes and sizes.
Buy large fir, put it at the center of the hall and decorate with garlands, "rain", balls, cones, icicles and toys.Choose the balls of two colors, such as gold and red, white and blue, silver and purple.Make a snow-covered Christmas tree with a specially purchased vial with New Year artificial rime or just scribble on a piece of cotton branch.In some branches attach ribbons of colorful ribbons.Under the tree are some beauti
ful place empty boxes, tied with a ribbon with a bow to mimic the gifts from Santa Claus.
Hang the door decorated with a Christmas wreath of fir branches.Put in a conspicuous place a basket filled with real fir cones.Make a bouquet of fir branches, decorate it with small balls and "Rain" and put on the table in a vase.
Cut out of a silver or white paper snowflakes of different shapes and sizes, and mount them in a chaotic manner on the window panes.
Suspend from the ceiling tinsel Gold and silver, as well as the "rain", which is commonly used to decorate Christmas trees.
Give the walls and ceiling electric garlands.Arrange the candles around the room, but so that the dancing, the guests did not touch them, at the risk of setting the fire.When turned off the main lighting, candles and garlands on the tree, and the walls are the only source of light.
Drape the walls, tables and chairs, white flowing fabrics and decorate drape tinsel and golden snowflakes.